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 Llibertat per a Fouad Al-Farhan (blocaire detingut)

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Localisation : Baix Empordà
Registration date : 22/01/2007

MissatgeAssumpte: Llibertat per a Fouad Al-Farhan (blocaire detingut)   Ds Gen 05, 2008 1:16 pm

El passat 10 de desembre la policia saudita va detenir Fouad Al-Farhan, emprenedor i blocaire, per opinions critiques amb el règim d’Aràbia Saudita. La solidaritat blocaire demana el nostre compromís a nivell global. Us proposo enviar a l’ambaixador saudita a Brussel·les ( el correu de protesta que trobareu més avall.

Article al Washington Post
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To His Excellency Mr. Nassir Alassaf
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dear Sir,

I deeply regret the arrest of Fouad Al-Farhan, a Saudi blogger prosecuted because of his writings praising the Kingdom reformers and against some of your government policies.Fouad Al-Farhan is an active citizen and entrepreneur, a foreign educated youngster who returned to Saudi Arabia to work on his country’s future.

Unlike most Saudi bloggers Fouad used his real name, taking a strong commitment for freedom and becoming an easy target. An example any nation around the world would welcome and encourage.Ideas, responsible criticism and active citizenship are the basis of nowadays human and economic development. Ignoring this reality, Saudi fears of technology and open information only cripple the country’s future.

It is Saudi bloggers by the thousands and not Saudi princes by the thousands who will open opportunities for the new generation. Ideas, not oil, are your best resource.Don’t jeopardize the future.

Free Fouad Al-Farhan!
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Llibertat per a Fouad Al-Farhan (blocaire detingut)
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